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q.png How do i get your quotation? 

answer.pngIf you need our prelimenary quotation, please contact us via  icon-whatsapp-app.png telephone-304968-1280.png EMAILsurvey-3589115-640.png(Please click the icon for the link of contact)


-1-.png We are a family of three and we don't have much stuff.  How many carton boxes I need?  If 10 boxes good enough?

answer.png In our experience, most of the cutomer cannot estimate the box consumption accurately.  If you request too few boxes, you may find that the box might not enough for packing all the stuff.  So better erquest more boxes than you need. If finally there are some boxes left over, simply return to us and we will adjust the final price for you.  If you really don't have an idea of how many boxes you need, simply contact us now, let us arrange an on-site inspection, to have an accurate quotation and to estimate your consumption of boxes.


-1-.png What if I am not ready for an on-site inspection? What can i do?

answer.png Don't worry, simply take a video or photos of the site & the items you need to move, send a WhatsApp icon-whatsapp-app.png  message to us and we will send you a prelimenary quotation. 


 Do i need to give tips to the delivery team after the move? 

answer.png We do not allow our staff to deman tips from the customer, but there is no restriction on compliments of tipping.


-1-.png My existing/ future premise is a tenement building (no elevator), is there any additional charge?

answer.png Additional charges will apply if there is no elevator on the existing or future premise.  The additional charges will be depends on the number of levels, as well as the complexity of the moving project.   Please let us know the details in advance, so we can send you a more accurate quotation.


-1-.pngWhat items are considered huge furniture?

answer.png The folowing items are considered huge furniture, and normally there are special precautions.  Additional charges may be apply, and it depnds on the difficulty of this moving project.  Please let us know the details in advance, so we can list out the breakdown in the quotation.

    • Huge mattress            
    • Sofa 
    • Grand Piano           
    • Home Sauna            
    • Hydrotherapy Baths
    • An Antique 
    • Deluxe Furnishing            
    • Sculpture and statue            
    • Huge Models            
    • Safe/Mobile Cabinet
    • Huge refrigerator or freezer            
    • Built-in oven

Some item is not easy for disassembly, please contact the vendor or contractor for the dismantlement and instalment. 

For those item which is not possible to be disassembled, please contact us in advance, so we can arrange some specialist come up for packing and delivery.


-1-.png Any additional charge for dismantlement and installation?

answer.png The price quoted include dismantlement and installation.


-1-.png Will my furniture and appliances be packed before moving?

answer.png We will wrap and pack all furniture and appliances before moving, if there are valuables and special items which need special arrangements, please let us know in advance.


-1-.png We are moving to a smaller place, there is not enough space, but I can't dispose or donate, what can i do?

answer.png We have storage service, short term or long term is also ok.  Contact us now for more details! icon-whatsapp-app.png telephone-304968-1280.png 


-1-.png Is there any additional charge for trash removal?

answer.png For those bulk waste disposed, can be treated as "contruction waste", if it is not properly managed, You might get fined.  Please let us know in advance, so we can transport those bulk waste to the proper place at a proper price.


-1-.png Will you increase the price during the move?

answer.png Of course not! As a 50-yrs conglomerate company, we are well known of our sincerity and honesty.   Unless there are additional items or special case which may incurs additional charge.  Otherwise, the price we quoted before moving will be the final.


-1-.png Possible to give me a free ride to the new premise?

answer.png It depends on the acutal condition and the manpower arrangement on the day.  Normally there is space for 1 passenger.