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Moving Hints


For a better preparation of your moving day, please note the following "moving hints":

1. Points to note for packing items

  • Make a checklist for what will go into each box.  Label the boxes with numbes and mark down clearly in your checklist.  Take a photo of the items inside the boxes if needed. 

  • Organize your items into groups (e.g. to be packed, to be donated, to be disposed, to be stored in warehouse) before packing begins.

    • Find a warehouse for your items?
      • Contact Da Da for a quotation icon-whatsapp-app.png telephone-304968-1280.png EMAIL
  • Pack a box of essential or everyday item.  Pack like items together.  Pack the detergents independently.
  • Important and valuable items such as jewelry, passports, cash, and personal documents should be carried with you or keep in a safe place like relative's house.  You can also consider to purchase an insurance for the valuable items, for a better protection.
  • Wrapping glassware or fragile items by newspaper or bubble wrap.  Wrap each item individually.  Put some soft materials, like a towel, packing paper, or Styrofoam peanuts in the box, to fill up the gap and provide padding for the items.
  • Large boxes packed with heavy items will make the moving job harder and also have a better chance of breaking.  So better put heavy things in small boxes; light things in big boxes.
  • Please leave the big furniture items to Da Da's professional moving team, we will help you wrap and pack the items properly.  Please empty the drawers or cabinets before moving, the shifting content may make the item heavier and also pose a danger during moving.
  • Make sure you lock or secure the sliding doors & drawers as well as other moving parts.
  • Many large furniture likes bed or big cabinets need to be disassembled before moving. Some huge furniture like huge piano & 4-door refrigerator may even need a demolish the wall before we move it into the new site.  A detail planning will be needed for those large furnitures.  Please discuss with Da Da professional moving team in advance, so we can work out a plan for avoiding those large item related hassle.
  • "Waterproof" your carton box or items if you foresee there is rain during your sheduled moving day.

2. Points to note for informing parties & transferring utilities

  • Reserve the car park spaces of both existing & new site.
  • For a smoother moving, please inform the building management offices in advance of the scheduled moving date.

3. Points to note when you arrive the new premise

  • Take a final check before you leave the exiting premises, see if any forgotten items.
  • Let our moving team know the exact location of the new premise, leave us a contact number, so we can keep in touch for any special things.
  • Keep the keys & parts properly, to avoid any difficulties during reassemble.
  • Unpack your essential items & clothing first.
  • Double check the item list, to see if anything damaged items or missing boxes. 
  • Keep the important documents and valuables in a safe and proper place in the new premise.
  • Our professional moving team will not expect a tip but it will be appreciated when given, as a recognition to our effort.